Influencing Youth Policy on a national and local leveI

Influencing Youth Policy on a national and local level

There are many reasons why scouting and guiding should invest in external relations and advocacy. And no matter which of them you choose, to maximise the impact it is needed to invest in structure and strategy of external relations on national level. During this session, participants will be given a chance to explore why, what and how scouting and guiding can advocate for on national and local levels, they will be given examples of successful advocacy done by WOSM, WAGGGS and MOs/NSOs. Most importantly, participants will be introduced with key elements of External relations strategies and structures to be used back home.

Target audience: This workshop is especially relevant to those participants that are working on external relations within their NSOs or are interested in the subject. To join the workshop no prior experience is necessary, however a good mix of people more and less experienced in external relations will benefit the exchanges during the session.

Facilitator: Elena Sinkevičiūtė