Sian Bagshaw

I am Sian and I am from the UK, where I became a Scout, at 6 years old.  I currently live in Geneva, working for the WOSM European Support centre, as Diversity and Inclusion, Manager. Today, I am pleased to join you as one of the Academy Content Managers, together with Cristina and Eirini.

Fun fact; I can fit 22 marshmallows in my mouth, can you top that?

I’m passionate about active inclusion, removing barriers to participation and equitable societies. My previous professional and volunteer experience has shaped how i understand and learn from others, my ability to advocate and now, my commitment to create the same evolving educational journey together- all for a more diverse and better world. I can not wait to see how this unique online Academy still inspires change for the future of Scouting & Guiding. Look forward to virtually meeting you soon!

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