Chiara Bartolucci

Ciao, I am Chiara and I am originally Italian. I have been committed to Scouting and Guiding since the age of 6 and still am, because I believe in the positive changes Scouting and Guiding bring in people’s lives and in the changes Scouts and Guides could in their turn bring to their communities. I am currently working as a Programme Coordinator at WAGGGS World Centre Our Chalet, and since this Journey started I became more and more involved into WAGGGS Stop the Violence campaign. Yet, this is still the beginning of a Journey.

One of my favourite quote from Johanna Macy’s book “Pass it on” states “I want to be present, in an age in which we dealing with considerable difficulties, in which we human beings are facing major challenges, I simply would like to be here for those who are now living and for those who will live after us.”

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