Who’s missing? Including all in guiding and scouting

We all know the huge benefits of guiding and scouting; building confidence, leadership skills and lifelong friendships. However, we know that children and young people are missing out, and so missing opportunities that could improve their lives and futures. This workshop will lead you/your group on a journey to identify who is missing from guiding/scouting in your area, and consider how to break down barriers and advocate for change within the movement to truly include all.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to… 

  • Identify groups or communities not currently well-represented in your area of guiding/scouting, and barriers they may face to participation.
  • Identify key changes/activities that are needed to overcome these barriers and begin to make a plan to make these changes or advocate for others to do so.

Self-Directed The Umbrella Constellation
Location: Date: 27/10/2021 Time: - Jenny Giangrande Adele Lynch