Have a look to the Future! How to became a futurist! (Trend Management)


At its simplest, trend management observes specific changes or developments and considers the general direction in which society is moving. Trend mapping and scenario building are part of a process to build a model applicable to innovation, volunteers, communication, business strategies and brand building. The Trend Atlas is use to visualise research findings and provide a framework that enables the creation of future narratives. The ultimate goal of tend management is to view an organisation holistically, considering its current position and future choices within a society-wide context.



1. Introduce trend management as a concept;

2. Explain how to read “mega socio-cultural trends”;

3. Explore how to create a map of the future;

4. Look at the different approaches of forecasting methods, e.g. scientific, social, emotional, multidimensional forecasting

This session will suit…

All participants are working at the National Level or member of the National Teams or National Board and all of them with a limited understanding of trends who want to know more about, and be on board with socio-multicultural changes

Governance and Development Roles
Location: Date: 4th November 2016 Time: 09:30 - 12:30 Private: Paolo Fiora