The New Scout Method


How can an activity become a scout activity? What makes the experience we offer to children and young people unique? How can we create a better world by educating young people? The latest World Scout Conference has updated the description of the Scout Method and this session will explain why and how, giving you the opportunity to learn more about the details and giving you the opportunity to share experiences and to relate the elements of the Scout Method with the Youth Program. So…Let’s deepen the new Scout Method and make Scouting happen!



1. Understand what the scout method is and its role regarding to the principles of scouting and the youth programs.
2. Understand how the Scout Method has been updated, and why.
3. Know where to search for more information on the current Scout Method description.
4. Be able to explain the elements of the Scout Method.
5. Be able to assess Youth Programme elements for their implementation of the Scout Method.


Target Audience


Location: Date: Time: - Private: Stefano Casalini