Strategies for Tomorrow, Part 2


You love jumping out of your comfort zone? You love interactive sessions? You love to become part of an interesting story? Well, then you are absolutely right in this session. This is all about you. In a small group you will work on the inspirational story and you will help them to overcome current challenges. The method we use here is that of “case studies”. At the end of this work-shop, you will be able to properly analyse the situation of an NSO/NSA/MO and based on that to develop a proper strategy idea. You learn how to apply the Organisational Development Model and understand what it needs to set up an organisation that is ready for the future of Guiding and Scouting.
You have to do some homework before coming to this session.



1. Participants are able to to apply the Organizational Development Model
2. Participants are able to design a strategic planning process themselves
3. Participants are aware of who to involve in strategic planning
4. Participants are able to apply analysis tools for internal and external environment analysis
5. Participants are motivated to communicate their strategy to key stake-holders


Target Audiences

Scout and Guide leaders on national and regional level that are responsible for management or leadership of the organisation

Governance and Development Roles
Location: Date: Time: - Private: Matthias Gerth