Speaking business – how to build a fundraising strategy


Big money comes with big effort.

Is your organisation prepared to sign long term partnerships with the private sector ?

Join this session in order to understand and practice how to reach the full potential of your organisation and to make sure you can play in the big league of CSR and donors.


1. How to work and interact with companies having a CSR programme and/or philantrophists – what is the CSR concept;

2.What can the non profit sector sell to CSR/philantrophists;

3. Develop strategic relations with corporations/philantrophists;

4. Identify the advantages and disavantages of wotking with a CSR program;

5. How to decide between institutional funding and private funding

Governance and Development Roles
Location: Date: 5th November 2016 Time: 15:00 - 18:00 Private: Marian Panait