“Social responsibility and ethical behaviour: The essence of integrity management “


Ethical behaviour, code of conduct, conflict of interest, stakeholder management, internal audit, and much more. This is what Integrity Management is all about. In Scout and Guide Organisations, we think that we are good people and we behave – always. But is that really the case? Are we really prepared to be successful in ethical behaviour or is this just happening because we are nice people? In this session, we will enter the world of ethical organisational behaviour and compliance. We will discuss how we can be prepare to avoid any unethical behaviour. And we will see a lot of examples from other organisations. So you will go home with ideas and impressions from other Scout and Guide Organisations.


1. Have a clear understanding of what integrity management is
2. Discuss possible integrity management issues within Guiding and Scouting
3. Be introduced to tools and practical examples of how such issues are handled by other organisations
4. Test one’s ethical compass through cases
5. Get to know some best practices and standards in this area of operation


Target Audiences

Future and present members of national and regional boards, members of working groups and relevant committees, e.g. ethical committees

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