Risk Management


We are so experienced in what we are doing, our organisations are managed based on Scout values for many decades, some of them for over a century. And we are aware that we have to take safety measures while running our activities. When some things go wrong, they normally really go wrong – and this goes much beyond safety measures. This session will prepare the Scout and Guide Leaders to effectively identify and manage organisational risks. We are using a scenario-based method to make this workshop as interactive as possible. The focus is on organisational risks, practical tools and concrete solutions. We are not talking about how to avoid an accident or what to do in case of fire. We are looking into risks such as lack of volunteers, lack of money, lack of time.



1. Be familiar with requirements for risk management (GSAT standard)
2. How to identify potential risk that might occur in any area of work
3. How to evaluate identified risks based on their probability and severity
4. How to do mapping of risks
5. How to set a risk management plan


Target Audiences

People involved in the strategic development and project/event management

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