Quality Educational Programme for Rovers & Rangers

Rovers and Rangers: when our young members are finding their identities and way in life…

  •     How can we support and guide our young members on the pathway to adulthood? 
  •     Why is this age one of the most difficult to maintain and attract? 
  •     Is there a pattern to follow or the flow itself is a pattern? 

Don’t worry, it’s not that philosophical!
In this session we will consider what makes a quality programme for the rover / ranger / young adult age group, identify how an educational programme can be suited to this age group and consider how organisations could challenge and strengthen their programme.
We will explore the newly launched “Finding Our Path” toolkit through interactive activities and discussions. Remember:  Sharing is Caring! So we look forward to being inspired by good practices from your own Organisations.

The material from the session can be found here

Leadership & Management of Adults Learning & Innovation
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