Practicing to be a National Board member – Part 2


In the first session on governance, you learned what the role is of a national board and what your role could be as an individual member of the board. Now let’s practice. We will start with a quiz about different situations you can face in a national board. And we then move to concrete examples of what hap-pens in a national board and how you find solutions for the challenges. This sessions is very interactive and thus will be created by the participants them-selves. In small groups you will work on mini-cases, focusing (among others) on organizational structure, policy development, code of behaviour for national board members and succession planning. So get ready to become a good example as a member of your national board.

If you don’t feel comfortable to work under some time pressure and if you consider yourself as extremely shy and rather introverted, this session is not for you.



1. Participants are able to improve the design of their own organisation
2. Participants are better prepared for their future role as a member of the national board
3. Participants understand the need of a code of behaviour for national board members
4. Are more confident to act under situations of pressure
5. Participants understand the principles of collaboration in a national board


Target Audience

Scout leaders on national and regional level that are responsible for management or leadership of the organisation

Governance and Development Roles
Location: Date: Time: - Matthias Gerth