Overcoming growth challenges in your association


For most organisations, they are seeking to grow their membership and adult volunteering community. We will look at some recent research on what motivates volunteers, on retaining young people through their transition from youth member to adult and discuss key issues and share solutions raised by participants. This session will not directly address increasing young (child) members. The session will evolve based on the most important issues raised by participants (from a list)


  • 1. To understand and challenge recent research on adult membership;
  • 2. To understand and challenge research on transitioning young members into adult volunteers;
  • 3. To consider approaches which might be suitable or helpful to growing national adult membership;
  • 4. To build an action plan to take back for discussion/implementation

This session will suit:

This topic can be looked at in both a local and national context.

Governance and Development Roles
Location: Date: 4th November 2016 Time: 09:30 - 12:30 Private: Helen Welsh