“Opportunities for Guides and Scouts on international political platforms “


Taking representation to the next level – time to explore international representation! In this session we will explore the different international political platforms on which WAGGGS and WOSM are active and give an overview of how participating in them is accessible for members. This session will also include work around our shared values (non-formal education etc.) and how we incorporate these into our external representation, giving a unique contribution to debate and policy influencing.


1. Share the international political platforms that WAGGGS and WOSM are active on
2. Explore the idea of international representation – what are the aims, advantages and challenges of this activity?
3. Discuss our shared values and how we incorporate these into external representation
4. Share how members can get involved in international representation
5. Explore influence areas – where is our influence particularly important for us and in terms of shaping policy? What else could we be doing?

Target Audiences

This is a session for those who are interested in learning more about how WAGGGS and WOSM participate in international political platforms, why it is important, how it can make a difference and how our members can get involved in this work.

The material from the session can be found here

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