New Resource: Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming Toolkit


This session is a must for anyone not yet familiar with the brand new Europe Region WAGGGS Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming Toolkit and how it can be used by any member organisation.

After the session you will know why the toolkit is relevant to you and your organisation no matter your level of engagement (local, regional, national) or your focus (Membership, Programme, Finance, Relation to Society, Structure and Management and Training).

Do not leave Academy 2018 without becoming acquainted with this super useful and relevant new material!



1. Become familiar with the content and structure of the ERW WAGGGS Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming toolkit
2. Understand how a gender or diversity mainstreaming project can be developed through the use of the toolkit
3. Know how the toolkit can be used in a range of contexts (large / small, local / regional / national etc)


Target Audiences


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