Measuring the impact of Scouting and Guiding


How do we impact the word ? 

This is a big question that it is asked by each scout leader at one moment. The answer takes your activities to a higher level and makes us to achieve  new goals. 

For years our Movement developed a method than can prove the real changes and the impact  of scouting in our own lives and in the community. We will practice it in this session. 

This session will provide you with a clear idea on why, when and how we monitor and evaluate our activities. We will use the WOSM Organisational Development model as a starting concept. We will talk about roles and responsibilities in monitoring and evaluation, we will discuss the concept of Key Performance Indicators and many more techniques and tools.


  1. Understand the importance of measuring success in Scouting and Guiding
  2. Explain the concept of monitoring and evaluation 
  3. Understand the place and importance of M&E in OD Model 
  4. How to set indicators that will be used for monitoring and evaluation
  5. To set up a proper M&E system for any project that they are working on

This session will suit:

Scout leaders on national and regional level that are responsible for program/training/external relations  design and implementation

Education and Youth Programme Governance and Development Roles
Location: Date: 2nd November 2016 Time: 09:30 - 12:30 Private: Marian Panait