“Making leadership accessible “


“The world is run by those who show up.” Those who are in leadership positions get to influence which direction taken by our communities/our societies/our world. Why does it matter if you are a leader or not? Why does leadership matter? How can we create an inclusive world when we don’t diverse leaders?

It often takes special effort and attention to reach diversity in leadership and to make leadership accessible to leaders representing diverse backgrounds and with different backgrounds.

During this session you will consider who becomes leaders in your organisation and the barriers that others face. It will help you to think about your (un)conscious barriers and take steps to create a more diverse leadership.


1. Identify barriers to leadership that prevent some groups of people from becoming leaders.
2. Understand how more accessible leadership will benefit their organisation and the guide and scout movement.
3. Be able to take concrete steps toward facilitating more diverse leadership.


Target Audiences

Those involved in the recruitment, training or supporting of new leaders

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