Internet Safety & Active Citizenship: Surf Smart

Did you know that the world’s internet population is about 3 billion people?
Right now almost 40% of the world’s population is connected to the internet.
Have you thought how active citizenship can be practised online?
How can you, in your role, help young people everywhere to plan, make, lead and share positive change in their internet community?

This session will approach this while introducing the WAGGGS “Surf Smart” tool, already practised in 44 countries globally.

!! participants should have at least one electronic device (computer, tablet, smartphone…) connected to the internet!!

Objectives of the session Enable a safe space for participants to reflect on the advantages and risks of using internet and how this affects their lives
Give participants the opportunity to reflect and discuss how messages are shaped by internet and the dos and don’ts for getting our message across  
Discuss on how the internet can be used by young people for online active citizenship and community change
Give participants an overview of WAGGGS Surf Smart tool

 Please, find the material from this session here.

Communications Learning & Innovation
Location: Date: Time: - Giulia Bianchini