Innovation in growth: Workshop for cool ideas and Innovation in growth: Workshop for cool ideas and new solutions (Growth Step 02)

Wake up after a long dream and realize that it was not a dream! This will happen after this session. You will be amazed how much a small group of people can achieve in only 3 hours.
Based on the step 1 session on growth in Scouting and Guiding, we will work on three little case studies and develop the best ideas ever to find solutions for growth challenges. We will focus on dos and donts in developing growth strategies and will discuss together the ideas developed by YOU during this workshop. Make sure to get enough sleep the night before, because this session is designed to move you out of your comfort zone and motivate you to run a marathon for ideas.

The material from both step 1 and 2 of this session can be found here.

Leadership & Management of Adults Thriving Organisations
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