In the shoes of the migrants


A joint WAGGGS – WOSM initiative, aiming at raising awareness about migration and refugee situation in Europe today. A board game to understand that fleeing war or persecution has nothing to do with a game!
As part of a team you will be given the role of a different kind of a migrant, facing your own journey to Europe, going through the steps that may occur in real life, including obstacles, which may make it very hard to get to the end. You will be asked to share stories, answer questions and discuss about key problems, by confronting ideas and giving yourself the possibility to change your mind. Are you up to the challenge?



1. Understand the basics about migration, in particular about people in need of international protection (asylum or subsidiary protection) and other migrants not qualifying for that kind of protection;
2. Be aware of the difficulties that migrants may face on their way and of the importance of protecting their rights;
3. Start thinking about what works and what should change in the current management of the migrants and refugees around Europe, Dublin System in particular, and also of the important role that local communities (including scouts and guides) have in order to improve that situation.
4. Share with the participants the Joint WAGGGS-WOSM call to action for the international day of refugees to European institutions


Target Audiences

The participant preferably is someone that is interested in the refugee problem, is working with diversity and inclusion team in his own organization, or is a member of the training team and want to find new interactive ways to present current problems of the society to group leaders.
This session does not require any specific experience on the topic, considering that it is aimed to provide some information about migration and also to stimulate a debate, no matter his/her background nor his/her precise knowledge about migration in Europe today. A strong interest in the topic would be appreciated, since it could make the debate more active and fruitful.