” How to find funding opportunities and strategies “


Many times, we don’t know how to deal with funding.
Because we don’t know how to do it. Because we think is too hard to deliver or maybe we have just started with the wrong step.
In a non-formal approach, 3 questions will guide our work:
What should be the foundation of our funding strategy?
Where can we find the funds?
Why is the funding strategy important for my NSO/MO?
In the end: what are the 3 first steps to implement it in my NSO/MO



1. Recognize the importance of a funding strategy within the NSO/MO;
2. Identify partners at the European level working in the areas of funding and opportunities for young people and adults;
3. Learn about the funding options the European regions WAGGGS and WOSM offer for NSOs and/or MOs
4. Write a draft proposal for a project eligible for funding.


Target Audiences

The main target are the participants willing to start the work on this topic or that recently started, providing knowledge and skills to implement the first steps. This session is built to be interesting and useful also for local unit level leaders as well as regional level, and not only national level or professionals.

Location: Date: Time: - Private: Thomas Ertlthaler