Gender and Diversity Toolkit

What is Mainstreaming, and how can it help you? This session will give you a chance to consider:
● What diversity means in your context
● Why is it so important to have diversity in mind while planning all activities in our guiding and scouting.
We’ll use WAGGGS Europe Region Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming toolkit to help us identify a way forward.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to… 

  • Explain why mainstreaming in Guiding and Scouting is important.
  • Describe the content and structure of the Gender and Diversity mainstreaming toolkit and explain how a mainstreaming project can be developed through the use of the toolkit.
  • Describe how the toolkit can be used in a range of contexts (large / small, local / regional / national etc).

Self-Directed The Umbrella Constellation
Location: Date: 27/10/2021 Time: - Emma Withington Anja Blume