Gender and Diversity round up / showcase


Want to know about all the exciting gender & diversity work happening in WAGGGS and WOSM? This session will give you a whistle-stop tour through projects including WAGGGS gender & diversity mainstreaming toolkit, the HeForShe Action kit, WAGGGS-WOSM joint refugee game, WAGGGS work with UPS, Voices Against Violence and Time to Be Welcome projects. You’ll also get to hear about our advocacy work, and the opportunity to share the great work happening in your own MOs/NSOs/NSAs.



1. Know about WAGGGS and WOSM work on gender and diversity
2. Have gained knowledge on how your MO/NSO/NSA can use all the new materials produced by WAGGGS and WOSM to become more accessible, relevant and visible and to grow!
3. Have heard about the experiences and work of different MOs/NSOs/NSAs in Europe in the fields of gender and diversity and have gotten ideas to take home on potential for future action.

Target Audiences

Anyone interested in the various gender, diversity and inclusion related projects happening in WAGGGS and WOSM

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