” Gender and Diversity perspectives on growth “


Growth at all costs? No, we need to choose our battles wisely! Growth by diversity and addressing to a broad line-up of different people? YES, let’s have a strategic approach!

By considering different social backgrounds, improving communication and opening the training system: growth will happen in a variety of areas.

This session will demonstrate how paying attention to gender and diversity will open up new opportunities for growth for your organisation. You will learn to identify and plan actions to use diversity and gender to your advantage in developing a strategy for a vibrant, thriving and modern organisation.



1. Understand how work on gender and diversity is related to potential for growth in MOs/NSOs/NSAs.
2. Identify stereotypes prevalent in their MOs/NSO/NSAs and understand why it is important to notice and challenge them.
3. Be able to identify those gender and diversity issues that at the moment are most relevant in their MOs/NSO/NSAs.
4. Know how to facilitate growth by investing in gender and diversity.


Target Audiences

Anyone with responsibilities for, or interest in Growth

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