Fundraising & the importance of social media

One of the core financial activities needed for many projects within an organisation is fundraising. The impact of Covid19 is huge and brings uncertainty to all of our organisations, meaning that fundraising is more important than ever. This session is aimed at those involved in fundraising at a national level. It will show the different ways MOs and NSOs can use the engaging, creative, and diverse characteristics of social media platforms to support their fundraising and sustain their projects. The session will encourage participants to assess their knowledge on the topic and inspire them to take action. The session will also give them specific tools on how to address the subject and spark great conversations and connections between participants.

At the end of the session participants will:
• Understand the role of social media in successful fundraising campaigns.
• Be familiar with the concept of using social media platforms to increase fundraising visibility.
• Know how to create a story to support their campaign.
• Have examples of how organisations have already used social media to support successful fundraising.
• Have shared their personal / professional experiences on the topic and get new ideas from peer to peer interactions.

Target Audience – Participants with a basic knowledge of social media platforms and use within their roles

Growth Impact & Influence
Location: Zoom Date: 6th November 2020 Time: 18:00 - 19:30 Hana Lobnik