Finding Our Path: Programme for and by Rovers & Rangers

In 2020, WAGGGS launched their “Finding Our Path” toolkit, after a call for more age-appropriate programme support. This toolkit was developed by volunteers working in both girls-only and co-educational settings.

Rovers and Rangers: when our young members are finding their identities and way in life…
● How can we support and guide our young members on the pathway to adulthood?
● Why is this age one of the most difficult to maintain and attract?
● What experiences do MOs/NSOs/NSAs have when working with this age group?

In the self-led sessions, we will consider what makes a quality programme for the rover / ranger / young adult age group, identify how an educational programme can be suited to this age group and consider how organisations could challenge and strengthen their programme. We will finish by sharing examples of best practise and continue this conversation through our facilitated discussion.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to… 

  • Understand the importance of engaging with R&R in their programming.
  • Describe what active participation looks like.
  • Challenge their programme confidently.

Facilitated discussion Self-Directed The Umbrella Constellation
Location: Date: 06/11/2021 Time: 10:00 - 12:00 Anna Bambrick