Facilitating inclusivity in Youth Programme


During this session we will use a powerful educational cultural awareness tool that can be developed for all age ranges and for adult training in order to train participants in the facilitation of diversity and inclusion. Cultural awareness becomes central when we have to interact with people from other cultures. People see, interpret and evaluate things in a different ways. What is considered an appropriate behaviour in one culture is frequently inapropriate in another one. Misunderstandings arise when I use my meanings to make sense of your reality. Following this experience, participants will explore the best way to facilitate such a session to both youth members and adults in their own NSO/MO’s giving the participants the power to train others in the topic of diversity and inclusion.


This session will:

1. Know the power of “take a step forward” as an educational tool;

2. Be able to facilitate a similar session to adults/youth members in their own MO/NSO (depending on the area they work in);

3. Understand what actions need to be taken in their own MO/NSO in order to promote inclusivity and reflect the diversity of European society;Show the power of ‘take a step-forward’ as an educational tool

This session will suit:

No previous experience required but an interest in diversity and inclusion is essential with a plan to use such educational tools in their own NSO/MO.

Education and Youth Programme
Location: Date: 4th November 2016 Time: 09:30 - 12:30 Private: Zahra Clarke-Johnney Private: Luc ‘Ibis’ Rubben