Empowering teenagers to be change makers


For more than 100 years, Guides and Scouts have been taking action in their communities and speaking out on the issues that matter to them. How can you, in your role, help teenagers everywhere to plan, make, lead and share positive change in their community? This session will give you tools to help teenagers (14+) in your MO to plan a community project or an advocacy campaign and become changemakers.



1.At the end of the session, participants will have tools to empower 14+ year olds to lead meaningful social change projects towards the SDGS.
2. Participants know more about what it means to teenagers to be changemakers
3. Participants have more knowledge about what they can do to make social action more youth led.
4. Raise awareness of the ‘Be the Change’ toolkit WAGGGS offers


Target Audiences

Who would benefit the most from this session:
Participants who are working with teenagers in their MO’s
Participants who are working on (developing) programmes for teenagers in their MO’s

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