“Diversity and Inclusion: Achieving our Ambition “


This session will focus on fundamental diversity and inclusion concepts (for example, unconscious bias and micro inequalities) and why they are important for us to take into consideration in the work we do, for example as vehicles for membership growth. The session will share best practice examples from countries participating in the UPS programme which we hope will inspire participants to consider how they can put these concepts into practice in their organisations.



1. Participants will have an increased understanding of fundamental D&I concepts – such as:
o What is Diversity?
o What is Inclusion?
o What is Unconscious bias?
o What are micro inequities?
2. Participants will have a greater understanding of the importance of D&I within the context of WAGGGS
3. Participants will be exposed to best practice examples and will be inspired to consider how to put these concepts into practice in their organisations.
4. Participants will identify what are the main issues and identify suitable solutions to each organisation that meet their needs.
5. Participants come up with an action plan on next steps they will take to ensure Diversity & Inclusion is incorporated into their way of working


Target Audiences

Anyone wanting to understand more about diversity and inclusion and how to put these concepts into practice, as well as those able to share success stories from their own MO/NSO.