Creating better world through Dialogue for Peace

Come to our workshop and learn about how dialogue can be the ultimate tool for creating sustainable Peace between people from all backgrounds, communities and religions in a world that is so often full of conflict. Explore the pathway to understanding that peace comes first from understanding your own identities and confronting your perceptions of others in order to engage in powerful Dialogue that creates mutual respect and understanding between parties. Creating a better world starts here, with you!


  • Understand why conflict arise and how we can manage them
  • Understand how our identities and experiences influence our perceptions
  • Improve their communication skills by incorporating 10 principles of dialogue in their day-to-day life
  • Use dialogue as a tool to transform conflict situations into more peaceful ones

Live Session SDG10 SDG16 SDG4 SDG5 Self-Directed
Location: The Umbrella Constellation Date: Time: -