Crash Course in Risk Management: How to be Better Prepared

We are so experienced in what we are doing and we are aware that we have to take safety measures while running our activities. Although sometimes things go differently than expected or even totally wrong in many perspectives. In this session we identify and manage organisational risks. The focus is on organisational risks, practical tools and concrete approaches. We are not talking about how to avoid an accident or what to do in case of fire. We are looking into risks such as lack of volunteers, lack of money, lack of time. And can we predict them all?

At the end of the session participants will;

  • be able to identify potential risk that might occur and evaluate them in a structured way based on probability and severity
  • be able to setup some countermeasures where appropriate

Target audience– Participants in national leadership positions or team leadership roles

Location: Zoom Date: 7th November 2020 Time: 13:00 - 14:30 Pieter Willems