Crafting creativity: Unusually solving usual problems


You will start a journey to explore your own creativity in a way you never did before. You will flip the coins and think out of the box. You will decide what kind of means of transport for your journey. We will not tell you how to solve problems, but we will help you to solve your problems. We will not give you fancy tools but make your journey a learning experience for yourself and your Guide or Scout Organisation. This session will explore the concept of creativity and solution-oriented techniques to problems that hopefully inspires you to do new ways. We will work in very interactive ways and you will leave the session with a different perspective on the way you think and act to solve problems.


1. Participants have tried to use creative ways of problem solving;

2. Participants feel encouraged and ready to use some creative methods in their own NSO/NSA/MO;

3. Participants know the basics in the concept of creativity;

4. Participants understand how to deal with open, collaborative and involving process with multiple perspectives;

5. Participants understand the basics in the concept of solution-oriented and goal-directed approach to people development;

6. That people will laugh at least once and preferably each half hour

This session will suit:

Leaders who have want to explore new ways of solving problems


Governance and Development Roles Management of Adults
Location: Date: 2nd November 2016 Time: 15:00 - 18:00 Private: Evelyn Dick