Change management – move the elephant or listen to the penguins


“Change Management”? Really? Again? It might not be the first time you enter into the concept of change management. It is not new, but it is highly relevant, highly practical and highly effective in changing times and challenging organisational situations. In this session we will work with you on a holistic picture on change management, including useful theories and frameworks, tools and methods but also tips and tricks. If you have experience or you don’t: this does not matter. This session helps you understanding change management and can help you to be more effective and more efficient in how you manage your organisations and your change projects.



1. Be familiar with basic concepts on change management
2. Know how to set up a proper change management process
3. Be able to convince others why proper change management matters
4. Know the ingredients of successful change management processes
5. Can apply the principles of change management to their own organisation


Target Audiences

All people involved in introducing new programs, approaches or other changes in the NSO/MO

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