Be Prepared for Go Scout and Guide Abroad!


Scouts/Guides frequently cross borders for short and long term changes in careers and study. Joining the local Scouting or Guiding organisation can help you while you’re far from home in a new culture … and you can discover more about the people and scouting & guiding from your hosting country.
Is your NSO/MO ready to accept such adults? This hands-on session will help MO/NSOs to identify the opportunities and challenges that come from mobility and develop methods to manage them. Based on your feedback, the session will be tailored to the needs of your MO/NSO, so as to make the most of these opportunities for the benefit of participants, hosting and sending associations.



1. Learn about the project Go Scout and Guide Abroad and the team behind it.
2. Give participants the opportunity to reflect on the experience adults must have when joining a  local scout/guide group.
3. Help participants assess the viability  implementing the project in their own NSO/MOs.
4. Give participants tools to implement the project in their own NSO/MOs.
5.Reflect on challenges and opportunities created by the project.


Target Audience

Basically everyone; but especially people in positions of influence who can shape policies with regard to adult recruitment and retention, youth programme, and international partnerships, and Scouts/Guides aged from 19 to 25, who are most likely to be involved in study/work mobility project (such as Erasmus and E.V.S.).

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