Discovering the UNEP : change the world, change your lifestyle !

In the direct line of the podcast : discovering how changing our lifestyles can have impact on our communities and planet, encourage reflection by presenting scientific data and figures. At the end of the session, participants will be able to…  Understand UNEP agenda and work. Discover the 5 areas of changing our lifestyles. Understanding world […]

Sustainable Development beyond youth programme

In Guiding and Scouting, we spend a lot of time teaching and encouraging our young people to act sustainably. This session will give us chance to pause, share best practice, and reflect on how we can use a more holistic mindset to set up initiatives, resources and systems that will develop our sustainability work beyond […]

Planning Greener Events

In this session it’s all about events, from start to finish – at least in the planning phase. We will talk about where to start and what to do and when. We will also talk about how we can all take small steps to make our events more sustainable one decision at the time. By […]