eg. recruitment, training, support, retention, policies, diversity, wellbeing

How to Validate our Competencies?

The session will concentrate on the concept of Validation of Skills and Competencies gained and the main steps of starting the Validation process within your organisation will be presented accompanied with some best practice examples from European Scout & Guide associations. The material from the session is available here. 

MOVIS – Adults in Scouting and Guiding

Managing adult volunteers is part of the core business of scouting and guiding, so understanding the main concepts is essential to anyone serving the movement at national, local or international level. You want to know how to have the best people for the job? This session is for you. You want to know how to […]

Young Women in Decision Making Roles

Guiding and Scouting is a Movement of and for young people. Do you wonder how young people can have full control over the process and agenda when you conduct research studies?  More importantly, do we enable them to have an active and influential role in decisions affecting their lives? Well, join this session to find […]

Volunteer Management

Want to learn about how to manage your volunteers? Do you know your self-evaluations from your peer-evaluations? Self-evaluations, self-monitoring, and self-regulation enable individuals to identify areas where they can improve their contributions to the team. On the other hand, peer evaluations allow team members to assess each others’ strengths and weakness and collectively discuss how […]

Leading change successfully (Change Management)

So you have decided you need to make a change in your organisation? Want to know how to go about it in the best way so that the change works and you see the benefits? We will work together on a holistic picture to change management, including useful theories and frameworks, tools and methods but […]

Practicing to be a National Board member (Governance Step 02)

In the first session on governance, you learned what the role is of a national board and what your role could be as an individual member of the board. We are working on concrete examples of what happens in a national board and how you find solutions for the challenges. This session is very interactive. […]

Strategic Planning for Success (Strategic Planning Step 02)

You love jumping out of your comfort zone? You love interactive sessions? You love to become part of an interesting story? Well, then you are absolutely right in this session. This is all about you. In a small group, you will work on the inspirational story and you will help an NSO/NSA/MO to overcome current […]