How personal leadership practice can help overcome organisational challenges

In this session we will introduce senior MO/NSO volunteers and staff to the benefits of consciously practising leadership development. Using the WAGGGS Leadership Model to guide discussion, we want to encourage more European associations to explore their high level leadership, and look at how reflecting on our own leadership development can have a huge impact […]

Good Governance in Difficult Times: How to Keep it All Running

How is the health of your organisation and governance structures currently? Are you managing to keep things under control, or is it all a chaos? In this session we will discuss how we make sure that we handle our organisation’s future when the crisis here and now seems absorb all our energy and time. What […]

Dealing with new ideas and inputs

In guiding and scouting we are surrounded by lots of great persons having lots of great new ideas and input on how to make a change. These ideas might all been great but maybe not align to the organisation strategy or to other projects already started. Therefore, we want to focus on how to deal […]

Strategic Planning for Success Part 2 (Live)

Are you intrigued by strategy and ready to be part of an interesting story? Then join us for a chance to work in small groups to put your knowledge from Part 1 to use! Together with your teammates, you will work to support an NSO/NSA/MO to overcome the challenges they face. At the end of […]

Fundraising & the importance of social media

One of the core financial activities needed for many projects within an organisation is fundraising. The impact of Covid19 is huge and brings uncertainty to all of our organisations, meaning that fundraising is more important than ever. This session is aimed at those involved in fundraising at a national level. It will show the different […]

Leading Change (Change Management)

Change happens. Sometimes the environment changes and people and the organisation have to adapt. In other occasions, you want to change proactive and introduce a new program, new methods, … anyway, different than today. In this session we will work with you on a holistic picture on change management including some frameworks for practical use. […]

Crash Course Growth: Craft Your Growth Story

Wonder what it takes for a Scouting & Guiding association to grow? Welcome to the Growth session! You will learn about the elements that are essential to recruit and retain members to have a greater impact and equip more members of society with skills for life. Real life Growth projects from around Europe will help […]

Managing online tools to recruit new members

As a mission Guides and Scouts try to help young people to find their path in life, but how do we make sure they find their path to us? A parent or a young person might be looking for Guides or Scouts in the area, so when they turn to Google or another Search Engine, […]