Voices of young people – Inclusive Scouting & Guiding

We want to give participants the opportunity to gain a stronger understanding of the barriers to inclusion that face young people in their lives today and how in Scouting we can work to remove them. Through open discussions and case studies from young people in Scouting, we will also explore the links to mental health […]

The Shadow Pandemic: GBV at the time of COVID-19

Gender-based violence is a socially constructed virus that has reached pandemic level globally and no country is immune. It has serious life-altering impact on the physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health of women and girls everywhere. Emerging data shows that since the outbreak of COVID-19, violence against women and girls (VAWG), and particularly domestic violence […]

Inclusion & Covid19- Leaving no one behind

Scouting and guiding prides itself on its engaging, dynamic and inclusive programme, but how did we respond to the changes the pandemic presented?  Lets looking at how existing and NEW members can still access programme at home, find organisations who are trying to bridged the digital divide and learning from those who have always done […]

Gender sensitive event planning & communication

Let’s take a look at how we create and ensure a safe space for our members and youth! This session challenges critical thinking while looking at the way we plan events and communicate with peers and youngsters. Want to get clear input? Great, because you will be invited to self-reflect and shape up ideas for […]

Perceptions- Who says what?

What is behind our own judgement and how this affects the interactions with others? Explore the mechanism behind perceptions and stereotypes by looking at who says what and why. Join us for an interactive session focusing on language, dialogue and miscommunication. The objectives and the target audience, of course, stay the same. At the end of the session, […]

Can we truly leave no-one behind and achieve sustainable development?

The inequalities and injustices in our world today have only been exaggerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has created for some a renewed call for action to work towards a more sustainable future for all. This session will explore how already marginalised groups, with a particular focus on girls and women, are disproportionately impacted by […]

Minority Representation: Stereotypes and Prejudice

Do you know your own biases or how stereotypes influence our actions? Lets explore minorities and how political and media discourse has a considerable impact on the perception of minorities. At the end of the session, participants will; to give reference points on the origin of prejudice: personal advantage, ignorance of other human groups, racism, […]

Social media as a tool for intercultural learning and education

Millions of our members around the world value their individual traditions, beliefs, and norms that make them unique. Social media connects them all – regardless of differences and geographical boundaries. How well do we adapt our content to provide and support intercultural learning and education for our members? This session was inspired by current events […]