Dealing with new ideas and inputs

In guiding and scouting we are surrounded by lots of great persons having lots of great new ideas and input on how to make a change. These ideas might all been great but maybe not align to the organisation strategy or to other projects already started. Therefore, we want to focus on how to deal […]

Gender sensitive event planning & communication

Let’s take a look at how we create and ensure a safe space for our members and youth! This session challenges critical thinking while looking at the way we plan events and communicate with peers and youngsters. Want to get clear input? Great, because you will be invited to self-reflect and shape up ideas for […]

Learning by Doing – Capacity Development and Succession Planning

The session offers an opportunity to explore how to use existing structures as capacity building opportunities, utilising the spirit of ‘learning by doing’, both for the benefit of individual volunteers and the health of the wider MO/NSO/NSA. Taking the perspective of ‘opportunity providers’, we will work together to explore how to empower a more diverse […]

We have a plan… Youth-led Advocacy!

As two of the biggest youth organisations in the world, youth-led advocacy is something that we should excel in. There is a clear desire for change from young people in Europe and we have the capacity the support them to Be the Change!! This session will broaden your understanding of: • the importance of advocacy […]

Monitoring and Evaluation…wait, what?

Monitoring and Evaluation, huh? You’ve probably heard them before but ever wonder what they really are? Are they similar or are they different? Are they important to your association? Are they really scary as you thought they are? And how do you do it? If you’re in doubt, come and join this interactive session to […]

Introducing Impact of Scouting

What is Impact of Scouting, why is it in WOSMS’ Strategic Priorities, how it can be useful to MOs? Are some of the questions this session will explore. This will be a participatory session. Participants will be introduced to the key concepts that underpin the Strategic Priority work on Impact of Scouting. At the end […]

Strategic Planning for Success Part 2 (Live)

Are you intrigued by strategy and ready to be part of an interesting story? Then join us for a chance to work in small groups to put your knowledge from Part 1 to use! Together with your teammates, you will work to support an NSO/NSA/MO to overcome the challenges they face. At the end of […]

Fundraising & the importance of social media

One of the core financial activities needed for many projects within an organisation is fundraising. The impact of Covid19 is huge and brings uncertainty to all of our organisations, meaning that fundraising is more important than ever. This session is aimed at those involved in fundraising at a national level. It will show the different […]

Perceptions- Who says what?

What is behind our own judgement and how this affects the interactions with others? Explore the mechanism behind perceptions and stereotypes by looking at who says what and why. Join us for an interactive session focusing on language, dialogue and miscommunication. The objectives and the target audience, of course, stay the same. At the end of the session, […]