Gender and Diversity Toolkit

What is Mainstreaming, and how can it help you? This session will give you a chance to consider: ● What diversity means in your context ● Why is it so important to have diversity in mind while planning all activities in our guiding and scouting. We’ll use WAGGGS Europe Region Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming toolkit […]

Explore WAGGGS Volunteer Network

Have you always wondered how to learn more about how WAGGGS works at a global level? This session will show you what WAGGGS volunteers do in their many and varied roles, as well as how you can get involved via our Global Volunteer Network. At the end of the session, participants will be able to…  […]

How to build a D&I Strategy Matrix

You are all now in your small spaceship to look for a suitable planet. But what will happen if you find it and more spaceships with people from different countries and cultures arrive. How to build a better world where all can live in harmony and embrace differences? How to make dialogue easy and that […]

Leadership Models

What does Leadership mean in Guiding and Scouting? We don’t all define it the same way, and we all grow and develop our leadership differently. This session will give you the opportunity to explore different ideas and methods for developing leadership. At the end of the session, participants will be able to…  Describe the main […]

Free Being Me: A world free from appearance-based anxiety

Lack of body confidence is a major issue in our society, especially for young people who face increasing body image pressures from social media, advertising, and family and friends. Join us to discover more about how we can encourage young people to stand up and challenge beauty standards in our society by identifying them, seeing […]

Who’s missing? Including all in guiding and scouting

We all know the huge benefits of guiding and scouting; building confidence, leadership skills and lifelong friendships. However, we know that children and young people are missing out, and so missing opportunities that could improve their lives and futures. This workshop will lead you/your group on a journey to identify who is missing from guiding/scouting […]

Finding Our Path: Programme for and by Rovers & Rangers

In 2020, WAGGGS launched their “Finding Our Path” toolkit, after a call for more age-appropriate programme support. This toolkit was developed by volunteers working in both girls-only and co-educational settings. Rovers and Rangers: when our young members are finding their identities and way in life… ● How can we support and guide our young members […]

The menstrual cycle isn’t funny. Period.

For many millions of people around the world, having a period every month is not just an inconvenience. It can have a long-term detrimental impact on their life chances and cause serious health conditions and social exclusion. We want everyone to feel comfortable talking about menstrual hygiene so that we can start tackling the stigma […]

Creating better world through Dialogue for Peace

Come to our workshop and learn about how dialogue can be the ultimate tool for creating sustainable Peace between people from all backgrounds, communities and religions in a world that is so often full of conflict. Explore the pathway to understanding that peace comes first from understanding your own identities and confronting your perceptions of […]