Communication crisis? Don’t panic and follow the protocol!

We live in a world where emergencies and crisis are increasingly part of our daily reality. The Scouting and Guiding movements are not spared from any. You are going through an emergency at your MO or a reputation damaging incident and you have no clue from where to start? We got your back! Join this […]

Monitoring and Evaluation…wait, what?

Monitoring and Evaluation, huh? You’ve probably heard them before but ever wonder what they really are? Are they similar or are they different? Are they important to your association? Are they really scary as you thought they are? And how do you do it? If you’re in doubt, come and join this interactive session to […]

Why and how can you use data in your organisation?

Data is all around us. Where do we take notice of it? When do we collect it? And how do we make use of it? This self-directed session will give opportunities to: ● Identify the data we already have and where we use it, ● Establish where we need more data and how to gather […]

Leading Change

Change happens. Sometimes the environment changes and people and the organization have to adapt. In other occasions, you want to change proactive and introduce a new program, new methods, … anyway, different than today. In this session, we will work with you on a holistic picture on change management including some frameworks for practical use. […]

External Relations 101

What does external relations actually mean? How is WAGGGS Europe involved in international platforms? What advocacy do WAGGGS volunteers do on a European level? These questions and more will be answered in this session covering the key essentials of external relations, put together with presentations, videos and a quiz from the current Europe Region External […]

How to give your volunteers an amazing experience

Happy volunteers give more, are better at their roles and stay longer. Therefore, to deliver amazing programme to young people, we need all our volunteers, whatever their role, to feel happy and supported. This session will help you to think about the different factors that affect a volunteer’s experience and motivations, and therefore plan what […]

A Scouts and Guides handbook for advocacy: A learning experience providing you with all the tools to create and run an advocacy campaign.

This learning experience aims to increase your understanding of advocacy and enables you to start advocating for something you deem important. You will be motivated and inspired to take action to vocalise opinions and ideas with your MO. We will help you to identify challenges and how to influence decision makers by introducing a step-by-step […]

Impact of Scouting and Guiding

What is Impact of Scouting, why is it in WOSMS’ Strategic Priorities, how it can be useful to MOs? Those are some of the questions this session will explore. The session will cover the Theory of Change that underpins Scouting’s educational methods, types of impact, how they can be measured and the results of individual […]

Co-ordinating Youth-Led Advocacy at an Organisational Level

We know how passionate young people are to create change, they’ve chosen the focus of their project but now… ● How will it become reality? ● How can you support them to be the leaders of change? ● What skills and tools do we need in our backpacks for this adventure? This 2-hour live session […]

Learning by Doing – Capacity Development and Succession Planning

The session offers an opportunity to explore how to use existing structures as capacity building opportunities, utilising the spirit of ‘learning by doing’, both for the benefit of individual volunteers and the health of the wider MO/NSO/NSA. Taking the perspective of ‘opportunity providers’, we will work together to explore how to empower a more diverse […]