Self-Directed Learning

Stay Safe at the Academy

A mandatory session for all participants before the start of the Academy about safety online.

Learning path essentials-
Diverse members & Inclusive opportunities


Learning path essentials-


Learning path essentials-
Impact & Influence

History of Inclusion in Scouting

Take a deep dive into the history of Scouting! The foundations of our movement are based on core values and rich heritage, take a closer look to discover where it all began and how inclusion has always been an enriching part of all we do.




The Earth Tribe Initiative

Our world is changing at a remarkable pace. The essence of all life on earth, nature, is under enormous threat. We are witnessing irregular weather patterns, increased natural disasters, rising consumption habits, and loss of natural habitat and species.
The Earth Tribe unites young people in a global community to become champions for preserving and protecting our planet.


An oasis of simplicity

Learn about one of the ways Scouts in Israel are looking to improve dialogue and cohesion within their community. The facilitator talks from his own perspective and experiences, some of the ideas or summaries shared in this project presentation may not align with opinions and beliefs held by other members of our organisations.


The impact of Scouting for young people with additional needs in non-formal education

Let’s take and look at how scouting and guiding offers education opportunities to young people who wouldn’t usually have, hear the experiences of young people, how reasonable adjustments can be made and how to understand the intersectionality of inequalities due to gender, disability or similar characteristic.


Designing a volunteer lifecycle

Explore the life cycle of a volunteer and how to design your own – how we say hello, welcome volunteers, keep them motivated, happy and productive, then how to thank them.







Knowledge Transfer to Local Level – How to go from a international event and make impact locally

Do you have representatives of your NSO attending events and find it difficult for them to make impact locally? Join this session for a series of tips and tricks to better transfer knowledge to local level Scouting and Guiding.





Overcoming Racism with Youth Programme

Scouts and guides have a sense of social justice, a belief they can go out and change the world. By understanding the suffering of others, and coming to terms with the traumatic past that some communities have faced in the world, within our youth programmes and supporting young people, we can allow more of these conversations to take place!









Strategic Planning for Success Part 1

Is your organisation built for success? Do you want a Mission, Vision, and Strategy that will develop Scouting? This pre-recorded session will lay the foundations to help you get there! Together we will explore WOSM and WAGGGS’ Good Governance and MO Development programmes as well as learn about strategic planning, the key steps, and the tools you need to succeed! Please note that in order to be eligible for the live session (Part 2) you must have participated in this session.






The impact of home activities across Europe

This session is about feeding back the results of the Home Scouting work run this year, it will provide a brief overview and provide an opportunity for questions, highlighting the valuable power of Scouting and Guiding during the pandemic. Given the current situation, it will be useful for NSOs/NSAs to know how HS positively impact members, to adjust or enhance actions in place, or possible initiatives. It is intended as a short overview for participants to find out about and understand more some of the regional results. Participants will include all of those with an interest in how scouting has engaged young people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.



Young Members​ Connect: Youth-led Advocacy at the European Week Action for Girls (EWAG) 2020

Initially, fellow Guides and Scouts will be introduced to the EWAG annual event and the International Day of the Girl Child. What is special about this year’s EWAG is its youth advocates from both the EU and Africa in light of the EU and African Union partnership. The main focal points of this session are directly linked to youth-led advocacy in education and economic empowerment, freedom from gender-based violence and participation in decision-making. Built around the significance of online advocacy, especially in times of crisis, this session will be an incentive for young members of WOSM and WAGGGS interested in shaping key advocacy messages in the focus areas while improving their online influence capabilities.



Partnering with External Organisations to create opportunities

In this session, we will take a short look at the benefits that engaging with businesses and other organisations can bring, and a brief look at how to build a proposal. With post-lockdown Europe reporting imminent recessions, the landscape of corporate giving and another fundraising may begin to change over the next few months so it is more important than ever to explore every opportunity available and maximise the chances for beneficial partnerships.







Introducing the Theory of Change

Explore the concept of Change and understand the meaning and relationship between Input, Output, Outcome and Impact














Introduction to the ER Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming Toolkit

This pre-recorded session will introduce you to the ER Toolkit “Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming”. Our useful and extensive Toolkit can help you to create a more inclusive surrounding in guiding and scouting. Building upon six core areas, we show you up, how to use the Toolkit and start a process of mainstreaming in your organisation. Short content description: • Introduction to the ER Toolkit “Gender and Diversity” • Overview the ER Gender and Diversity Toolkit and its structure, • Diverse inputs to work with the Toolkit in their own background.


The Role of the National Board: Principles and Practices

You know what it is to be a leader in Scouting, but now you find yourself on the national board. How do you change your mindset so that you are prepared to lead the national organisation?
Watch this session to find out more about the responsibilities of the national board in Scout and Guide organisations and its individual members.






Branding using free online tools

During this session, participants will gain more insight on the importance of branding and its basic uses both on a global and a regional/national level. Exploring a user-friendly, free online tool, they will be able to see how tο create simple posts for social media. This session is a crash course on both and is mainly addressed to users of beginner to intermediate level.






Diversity and Inclusion: an introduction of Self-assessment tool

The session will focus on the introduction of the Diversity and Inclusion Self-assessment tool, which allows individuals, groups or organisations to consider some fundamental questions around the topic of D&I. During the session we will introduce the idea behind the Self-assessment tool, present step by step instructions how to use it, and discuss the benefits it can bring to MOs, as well as individual members or groups.

What does WAGGGS do and how can I get involved?

Find out what WAGGGS does and how you can get involved! A short information session for any participants.





How to communicate our work. Tell, move, inspire, impact.

In this session, some external communication techniques, adapted to the current situation, will be addressed to improve communication of Scout actions and projects so that it is more effective and generates a greater impact.





Across the world – Gender equality in 243 days

Give yourself some time to get a global perspective on gender equality. This journey will take you all over the world through an interactive online library. Here you can read articles, news, statistics and testimonials while reflecting on what has been done across the world in relation to gender equality in the last 243 days.



Leading Change (Change Management)

Change is the only continuity we experience. This short session supports some reflection on elements to take into consideration when experiencing or leading a change. An exploration in what happens with me and others during this process and some ideas to handle this fruitful.






Free Being Me & Action on Body Confidence

Lack of Body Confidence is a major issue in our society. Girls and Boys are being held back from their potential. Free Being Me is a non-formal educational programme developed with WAGGGS and the Dove Self-Esteem project that aims to educate young people on the dangers of the image myth and how to challenge society’s focus on the perfect-looking person.



True colours of gender equality

It’s time to look at gender diversity within Scouting. Concepts related to gender and gender equality will be explained through interactive material. Join us to discover some true colours of the world.




Youth activism and voice

Active citizenship is crucial in creating positive change and is something scouts and guides from across the world have the power to influence. Learn more about how to inspire young people to use their voice, be advocates and create change.



Building Resilience in Young People

This session highlights the how and why to building resilience in young people, to ensure their emotional wellbeing is supported as we move through and beyond the pandemic