Maximizing the learning & networking

The event will utilise a blended learning approach, where participants will have a variety of opportunities to develop their own skills, share with peers and collaborate on action plans.

Based on feedback from Academy 2020, we are changing the format of the event to allow each participant to flexibly manage your own learning to fit around your own schedules.  We are therefore focussing on self-directed learning and peer group support to embed the learning of the event.  

The learning paths

The Academy is designed to provide participants the opportunity to choose their learning path according to their personal and organisation’s needs. To help you already start considering these needs, the main themes of this year’s Academy can be seen below;

Your mission over the course of the event will be to explore and gain learning in one of the following areas:

  • The Gaia System: focussing on sustainability, SDGs, community involvement etc.
  • The Expanding Galaxy: focussing on retention and recruitment (growth), advocacy, governance etc.
  • The Umbrella Constellation: focussing on diversity, inclusion and youth participation

To support your crew throughout the event you will need to participate in a wide variety of activities in order to collect resources.  You will be expected to participate in a minimum of;

  • An introductory meeting with your crew on Wednesday 27th October
  • An opening ceremony on Saturday 30th October
  • 4 live sessions (these will be 2 h in length and take place in morning and afternoon sessions on the weekends of the event i.e. 30/31st October and 6/7th November).
  • An allocated amount of self-directed learning (this will be freely available for you to access throughout the event to allow you to manage your own time and learning to fit around your own schedule).
  • Crew meetings (5 in total) and contribute to a crew project task.
  • At least one social / networking session.
  • Closing ceremony on 7th November.

Below is the outline of the structure of the event, to help you understand your involvement during the event.

The updated sessions for schedule & more details around the sessions can be seen here- on the sessions page.  

The Academy 2021
27- 29/10 Introduction to peer groups & first meeting
Release of self directed/ pre session learning
Learning Path intro


  30th Oct 31st Oct 1st-5th Nov 6th Nov 7th Nov
Daily Peer group meetings
Available self directed learning sessions
10:00-12:00 Opening ceremony Live session   Live session
Live session
13:00-15:00 Live session Live session   Live session
Live session
15:30-17:30 Live session

“Out of the Box”: expand your thinking around what’s possible virtually, What is the 2nd wave of facilitation?

Keynote speaker: Jimbo Clark


19:30 -20:15 :

Meeting with a Space Agency representative


20:15 -21:30 :

Social activity


03/11 : “Discovering how changing our lifestyles can have impact on our communities and planet”

Keynote speaker: Boris Le Montagner, UNEP

Social activity Closing Ceremony
Networking (optional)

The event will operate in Central European Timezone (CET).

If there is a certain topic you want to discuss or if you have a question, we will provide space and connection with experts and peers. Other informal networking space will also be made available during the event.