The event will utilise a blended learning approach, where participants will have a variety of opportunities to develop their own skills, share with peers and collaborate on action plans.

In order to successfully complete the Academy, participants will need to participate in a minimum;
– 1 learning path introduction
– 5 live sessions (1.5 hours)
– 4 Self directed learning sessions (30 minute sessions)
– Peer group meetings & project completion
– 1 Social activitie(s)
– Participation in; Opening, Closing & Hack Your Box sessions

Below is the outline of the structure of the event, to help you understand your involvement during the event. This will be updated with session specific detail in the coming weeks. 

The session titles can be seen here- on the sessions page.  

Pre Event
30th Oct- 3rd Nov Introduction to peer groups & first meeting
Release of self directed/ pre session learning
Learning Path intro

The Academy 2020- Live

  4th Nov 5th Nov 6th Nov 7th Nov 8th Nov
Daily Peer group meetings
Available self directed learning sessions
10:00-11:30   Live session
Live session (6)
13:00-14:30   Live session
Live session (7)
16:00-17:30   Live session
Live session (8)
Opening Ceremony
Live session (1) Live session (2)   Hack your box
19:30-21:00 Hack your box Keynote panel – Youth and COVID-19: Response, recovery and resilience Quiz ‘Escape’ the international evening Closing Ceremony
Networking (optional)

The event will operate in Central European Timezone (CET).

In addition to the live engagements, there will be a variety of offline learning materials, networking and support available. If there is a certain topic you want to discuss or if you have a question, we will provide space and connection with experts and peers. Other informal networking space will also be made available during the event.


The Learning paths

The Academy is designed to provide participants the opportunity to choose their learning path according to their personal and organisation’s needs. To help you already start considering these needs, the main themes of this year’s Academy can be seen below;

Impact & Influence 

Active citizenship has a whole new meaning in 2020, Scouting & Guiding is more visible than ever, organisations and young people setting examples were recognised by and influenced actions of other organisations. Let’s continue to utilise our natural strengths to influence and create sustained impact across our communities and beyond.

We see the power of youth lead, non formal education throughout our programmes, events and online actions but by recognition through education and engagement, a growing movement plays a major role in society. Being able to measure the impact of our presence in a given community and on our own members is important to maintain relevance and to position ourselves externally.

Finding and using our voices, measuring our impact and collaborating with external partners to learn together unites our visions’ and continuously moves us steps closer to creating positive change in our global, national and local communities. 

So, can you further unlock our potential? Let’s explore advocacy; search for opportunities; identify funding; improve our change management and empower our young people to lead and influence impactful change.

Diverse and inclusive members & opportunities 

Just when you need it most, there are competing priorities that mean inclusion and diversity are getting lost in our organisations’ need to survive. 

Now more than ever, our MO’s need focused commitment for full, true inclusion. We must continue to find a way forward, to capture our shared values and focus on creating innovation, diverse and inclusive opportunities at this critical time. Perceptions, discrimination and external influences are more apparent than ever, regularly dividing already fragile communities; reducing trust, security and kindness. 

Through enhancing the involvement of more diverse voices in decision making, dynamic training, inclusive events, better partnerships, resources and tools we can actively drive diversity in our organisations and build more active, representative, empower citizens.  

Inclusion is enriching for all aspects of our global communities, and as Scouts and Guides, we should be the current and future generation of role models, for equality, diversity and active inclusion. How, as individuals and as member organisations do we create diverse opportunities and ensure inclusion is in our DNA? 

So, together let’s find practical and organisational ways to remove barriers to participation; address new and historic inequalities; learn how to foster a culture of dialogue; improve gender equality; involve more diverse voices; create inclusive opportunities and advocate and protect human rights. 


As we watch our communities change and evolve in the uniqueness of 2020, is your member organisation prepared to change and evolve with it?

Our adults and young people have shown resilience and preparedness in adapting to the world around them. We’ve adapted in every dimension, continuing to respond to community needs, engage with partners, reimagine our governance structures and provide virtual programmes. 

The way we prioritise our time and invest in our passions has changed. Communities have been more active than ever before and have inadvertently supported our aims of changing communities and creating a better world. Imagine the impact of all those active citizens, united within WOSM & WAGGGS?

So, do you want to learn how to empower your team, invest in financial security and change management; involve more voices, bridge the digital divide and leave no one behind? Lets fulfil our growth potential, organically and sustainably, placing Scouting and Guiding at the centre of our communities. Are we ready for it? 

Which path will you choose?