Speakers’ Corner


The Speakers’ Corner gives individuals a chance to share with others during The Academy as part of an online catalogue of presentations.

Last year this was a short session, run during breaks in the main Programme, where paticipants had 10-15 minutes to present to an audience. For 2016, in an effort to build a little more flexibility into the Programme, we would like to make the Speakers’ Corner available to a wider audience by asking people to pre-record their presentations. Talks can be filmed on video cameras, smartphones, or any other recording device, and brought along with you to the event.

Once submitted on arrival, presentations will be made available on The Academy website so that you can access them at any point. There will also be a looped compilation available near the Marketplace, which will run outside of the main Session times. If you would like to present but are not comfortable with being filmed please contact us, using the form below, and we can discuss alternatives with you.

Presentations can be on any topic you feel you want to share, with particular emphasis on those which may help other associations. Your recording should:

  • feature a main speaker (or speakers) alongside any relevant slides or images
  • not be more than five minutes in length
  • be in one of the following formats: .avi .mp4 .flv .mov

Please do not submit promotional videos, such as those for events, as these can be shown as part of a Marketplace display. If you feel you need longer than five minutes to give your presentation, you can either:

  • Have a display in the Marketplace that gives more details of the topic you want to present
  • Submit a suggestion for a short workshop in the Inspiration Space (previously known as ideas worth spreading)
  • Request a slot in The Morning Meeting. This will give you the chance to present to every participant but places are extremely limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. There is a strict ten minute limit on the length of presentations given here. Please use the Speakers’ Corner Booking Form below to let us know if you’re interested in this option.

Although we don’t need you to send in your presentations in advance, it will be a great help for the Support Team to know how many Speakers to expect. If you are interested in taking part in the 2016 Speakers’ Corner, fill in the form below before 15th October.

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