Peer Groups


The Peer Groups offer a variety of ways to engage with The Academy. Led by an experienced facilitator, they are a great way to meet others, reflect on your learning, evaluate sessions you’ve attended, and generally enhance your Academy experience.


Every participant at The Academy will be assigned to a Peer Group with, wherever possible, people that either share similar roles (e.g. Programme Commissioners or National Board members) or responsibilities (e.g. roles linked to communications, growth, or governance) – this is why it’s important to list your current roles/positions on your Registration Form.


You’ll find out which Peer Group you belong to when you arrive at the venue and, with one of the first Academy activities being the Peer Group kick off, this will be an ideal way to say hello to new and familiar faces, do some networking, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere!


Peer Groups are a great way to get to know others, especially if you’ve travelled to The Academy alone!


Peer Groups will meet with their facilitator for a short time each evening to discuss what people have done during the day and think about how any learning points can be taken back and used in their home associations. It is also an opportunity to feed back comments about the sessions you have attended, allowing facilitators to make changes, if required, for the second time a session takes place.


There will be a Twitter wall and the Support Team will be collecting your reflections, feedback, ideas, and general chat throughout the event. Hashtags for Peer Groups and general feedback will be publicised soon so make sure you get involved in the online conversations!


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If you have questions about the Peer Groups, get in touch with the Support Team by posting a message on The Academy Facebook page, sending a tweet to @thesgacademy, or by using the Contact Us form at the bottom of the Academy home page.