The updated 2019 information will soon be available


    what can you add to the event?


What does this mean?

It means that you, our participants in attending, are taking responsibility for making the Academy 2018 even more diverse, creative, informative and enjoyable for everyone.

How does that happen?

You bring along information about projects, events or activities that have supported you to achieve goals for the young people or Organisations you represent and using our flexible time and space, share these ideas, build a network to support you take them further, or pass them on so others can grasp a baton and take it forward for themselves.


Our flexible space is our “Bazaar

This space, variously equipped with tables and walls, sticky tack and power sockets will open on Wednesday and you are free to put up a modest stall showing off your ideas or future events.   Please can we strongly encourage you to consider creating, printing out and posting a QR code for resources rather than bringing paper copies.

You leave items out at your own risk, so if you want to have a presentation on a screen, you may wish to “man” your stand from time to time.

We politely request that you remove all items from your space at the end of the event and dispose of them.

We expect that most participants will browse these spaces at lunchtime or before dinner.


Our flexible time is “Sparks”

On Wednesday and Thursday after the Peer Groups, you are free to organise a session to discuss, share or try out activities and ideas.  You can use any space within reason throughout the venue and run it as you wish.  If you want others to come, we will have a space where all sessions can be advertised at lunchtime so people can see what they may wish to join later.


International Evening “Searchlight”

Another opportunity for you to share something from your home.  Not just food (though that is most welcome and we will have refrigerators available for the safe storage of chilled items) but an opportunity to help us all understand why your country or next camp or cultural event should be on all our “must see” lists.

Peer Groups  


We will have a Twitter wall and will be collecting your reflections, feedback, ideas, and general chat throughout the event. Hashtags for Peer Groups and general feedback will be publicised soon so make sure you get involved in the online conversations!

If, after reading through the relevant pages, you still have questions about any of the AcadeME opportunities you can get in touch with The Academy Support team via The Academy Facebook page, on Twitter