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Code of Conduct

The Academy- Code of Conduct

As fellow Scouts and Guides, we follow our Promise and Law. It is our responsibility to continue keeping these commitments. The Academy  is a unique virtual event with its own special rules. Please review these important reminders below.

As a participant of The Academy, I understand, accept and agree to behave in full accordance with the following ground rules based on the Scouting and Guiding Values and aligned with relevant policies:

  • I will be respectful, tolerant, and considerate of other cultures.
  • I recognise my own right to freedom of expression and those of any participant, moderator or facilitator of The Academy.
  • I will treat everyone equally, irrespective of their gender, age, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, socio-economic background, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender expression or any other basis of discrimination, abstaining from any direct or indirect discrimination as well as any form of harassment.
  • I will proactively work to create an inclusive and respectful environment that is safe for all, at both the formal and informal sessions of the Academy. In particular, I understand that it is my responsibility to seek and receive positive consent before engaging in communication or intimate relations in the context of Scouting & Guiding events.
  • I will prevent and not engage in abusive behaviour of any kind that leads to any harm, prejudice, discrimination or harassment against any person, or the disruption of The Academy or any activity associated with it. 
  • I recognise my duty to report any violation or potential violation of the Code I observe at any time during the Academy, following the procedure below. Neglecting the duty to report or assist would be considered a violation of this Code of Conduct.
  • For WOSM members, I will comply with all elements of the World Safe from Harm Policy and WOSM Code of Conduct to prevent abuse and harassment.

All suspected breaches of the Code of Conduct of the Academy should be reported to the organisers by sending an email to The organising team will support you, investigate and take any necessary action. 

Violation of this Code of Conduct, and any other conduct deemed to be inconsistent with the values of Scouting & Guiding, after an investigation from the appropriate teams, may result in a range of actions being taken against the account holder committing the violation, from being contacted by the Team to suspend or terminate the participation in the event. 

The Academy 2022 is supported and co-financed by the European Parliament after a successful grant application submitted by the European Scout Region under the call of the European Year of Youth grants (EP-COMM-SUBV-2022-EYY).

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