It was a very interesting day at The Academy! Today the participants were able to discover leadership, the role of the national board, gender and diversity, adults in guiding and scouting, in sustainable growth, how to build their monitoring and evaluating system and how to address and prevent violence. After lunch some sessions had part 2, that continued in the afternoon: Voices Against Violence, Building your Monitoring and Evaluation System, Gender and Diversity was offered in an advanced way, Innovation in growth: Workshop for cool ideas and new solutions. There was also a session on strategic planning, new leadership model, how to make a quality program for rovers and rangers and implementing world policies at national level.

In the evening there was time for Slovenian evening! Slovenian guides and scouts prepared a game, where the participants got to know their food, sportsmen, history, music and dance, language and had fun during the game. There were a lot of tasks that the participants could do and gain lime tree leaves. With those they bought material for building roads and guide and scout centers to connect Slovenia. At the end we all recited Slovenian anthem, which talks about being good neighbors to each other and not enemies.

After the activity the participants had fun at a local disco. It was quite a day!