After the morning assembly the participants went to the morning sessions. The topics of the sessions were Voices against violence, a case study on young women in governance, the participants were discovering gender and diversity. They were also thinking about good foundations for sustainable growth, strategic planning, adults in guiding and scouting, advocacy and influencing youth policy and how they can strengthen the image of scouting and guiding in their own country. The participants were also able to join the different short sessions.

After lunch break, we took a group photo in the shape of Triglav, Slovenia.

In the afternoon it was time again for the sessions. Some of the sessions, like Voices against violence and strategic planning had the second part of the session. There were also topics on how to get involved in international political platforms, how to validate your competencies, the participants got to know the new approach to organizational capacity, one session was about advocacy for all. The participants also got to know how to make sustainable development goals.

There was time for dinner and after that the participants prepared their tables for the international evening. Everyone was able to see what other countries have to offer, we made new friends, try different food and drinks of all participating countries.

There was also time for a pirate party in the hotel disco. We hope everyone got enough sleep to enjoy the third day of the Academy!