Fun facts about Slovenia

If you want to know some more about Slovenia, here are some facts.

[FACT #1]: A 61% of the land is covered with forests. It is especially beautiful in autumn when the leaves start to change their colours: red, orange, brown. If you’ll have any free time during The Academy, you can take a peaceful walk on some of the nearby forest pathways. 

[FACT #2] Have you ever heard of potica? It’s one the most beloved desserts in our country. It’s a rolled-up cake, made from very thin dough and with different fillings: the most common are walnuts and tarragon. It’s a dessert we make for holidays, but the best ones are always made by our mothers or grandmothers.

[FACT #3]: In Slovenia we have 46 different dialects! Sometimes Slovenes from one region can’t understand those form another region if they talk in dialect.

[FACT #4]: Have you heard of the Solkan bridge? It is the world’s longest stone-arche bridge railway. You
can find it near the town of Nova Gorica by the Italian border. It was built in the early 20th century and features 4533 stone blocks. The bridge is 220 meters long

[FACT #5]: There are 4 assosiations in Slovenia:
– Scout Association of Slovenia (Slovene: Zveza tabornikov Slovenije) which is a member of WOSM.
– Slovenian Catholic Girl Guides and Boy Scouts Association (Združenje slovenskih katoliških skavtinj in skavtov) – a member of WAGGGS.
– Združenje bratovščin odraslih katoliških skavtinj in skavtov Slovenije, which is a Slovenian catholic fellowship of adult scouts and guides.
– Royal Rangers Slovenia, a cristian scout and guide organization.

There is also one assosiation which is a Slovenian catholic minority asossiation in Italy – Slovenska zamejska skavtska organizacija.

[FACT #6] What makes Slovenia interesting is also the fact that we are a 2 million nation and among us we have 90 000 beekeepers. Honey is one of our specialties, so we recommend you try some!
Beekeeping is so special, that one slovenian folk music band, called Ansambel Lojzeta Slaka, wrote a song about it, that is known by every Slovene. You can listen to it here: